The History of Corona Beer

The name and label make Corona one of the most recognized beers in the United States.

Corona, which means crown, was introduced to the world in 1925 at Mexico City by Grupo Modelo. It was produced in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the brewery. This is a light pale lager, at 4.6% alcohol by content. Corona has a mild flavor with very little of the hop bitterness. The color is light yellowish.

Corona is one of the top five selling beers in the world. In the United States, Corona became the number one imported beer in 1997. It is the top selling import beer in Canada. Since its introduction in the US, its market share has consistently grown. It is the number one selling Mexican beer in the world and the forth best selling beer in the world. It is available in 150 countries worldwide

All Corona beer is brewed in seven breweries in Mexico at Modelo Breweries. Anheuser-Busch owns 50% of Grupo Model the producer of Corona but control of the company remains with the Mexican shareholders. The distributor in the United States in Crown Imports, LCC

Corona has a crown logo. It is said to be based on a crown that is on top of Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in the Mexican town of Puerto Vallarta. The crown was rumored to be modeled on a tiara that belonged to the mistress of Emperor Maximilian.

Corona is the sponsor of many sporting events. It is the sponsor of the LPGA tour tournament called the Corona Championship. It also sponsors the NASCAR Corona Series in Mexico. It sponsors professional soccer teams in Mexico’s First Division. Corona is the ATP’s premier world wide sponsor. It also sponsors volleyball in Canada

In most of the world Corona is served with lemon or lime, but in Mexico it is not a requirement. Limes are mostly for the tourist, but it is not unusual for Mexicans to drink lighter beers like Corona mixed with lime juice. The reason for a lime or lemon is open to debate. Some have said it was to disinfect the bottle or to keep the flies away. Others believe it was just a marketing gimmick thought up when Corona was introduced in the United States market in 1981

Corona uses television advertising that stresses a relaxed atmosphere set on a tropical beach. In one scene a man is skimming rocks over the ocean waves. His cell phone rings. The man skims the cell phone over the ocean waves.

In keeping with the beach setting. Merchandise from Corona includes the Beer Label Beach Towel. It has the Corona label on a yellow background. Other towels include the Corona label on either a blue and white background or a blue and yellow background. There are beach chairs to relax on and T-shirts and hats to prevent sunburn. Some of the baseball style hats include bottle openers on the rim.

Corona is a major promoter of Cinco de Mayo. In bars you will see banners calling it Corona de Mayo. Bartenders will give out beads that have a small blinking Corona bottle on them.